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Careers that foster know-how and performance

Looking for an employer who always opens up new perspectives for you? We help you in developing your full potential.

Within the VP Bank Group, employees can climb the career ladder to reach a management function. You also have the opportunity to become a specialist in a specific professional field. The decisive factors are your capabilities, knowledge and willingness to achieve.

Careers within the VP Bank Group

Educational entry possibilities


As a trainee in the banking profession or informatics

«Career entry for secondary school graduates» educational program (18 to 24 months)

VP Bank support model for selected students (in parallel with formal studies) aligned with the future function

«Career start program» for college/university graduates (12 to 18 months)


Multifaceted exchange programs


Available at all locations of the VP Bank Group within the framework of multi-month exchange and personal development programs

For employees who, as a result of their qualifications and performance, are candidates for higher positions within the Bank and wish to learn an intercultural management philosophy

Unusual degree of support

Outstanding educational opportunities for employees’ higher professional and personal education

Financial accommodation and work-time leeway for periods of learning